Saturday, 20 August 2011

Panic Training

Started panic training now, as the event grows ever closer. Did a wonderful one mile swim around Burgh Island in Devon recently, which was a tad choppy, but generally very enjoyable. The island boasts a stunning art deco hotel where the likes of Noel Coward, Amy Johnson and Agatha Christie used to stay. In fact the latter wrote Evil Under The Sun and And Then There Were None while staying there.

The swim has been going since the 1920's, when spectators would drink gin and tonics from boats anchored off the island and shout support for their favourites. 50 people took part in the professional swim first, but I joined the second wave who were just doing it for fun. I was joined by Sophie, a friend who is also a news reporter on BBC Radio Devon and we had a good chin wag on the way around.

The views from the water were stunning...although I did spend some time considering whether I could swim around the island 4 times - which is the distance is the Isle of Wight swim!

We were all rewarded with tots of rum at the end of the swim...although I rewarded myself with a few more drinks after as well! My theory is that it's not just swim training that is necessary for Bestival, but drink training as well!

I'll definitely be doing Burgh Island again next year, although perhaps in a vintage all in one swim suit, if I can work out where to buy them from! Happy training everyone! x

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