Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Swimmer Profiles: Alison Coldwell

Just as Time and Tide wait for no woman, I've never been one to do things by halves. As a lazy Yogi, I once drunkenly agreed to do a hilly triathlon in the Peak District - that set the standard for my Raving Rehab... I swapped late night endurance dancing for early morning mountain biking and a Half Ironman that involved swimming in one of England's coldest lakes, cycling up 'The Struggle' and running up its second highest Peak.

Alas, swimming hasn't been my number one ting. I'm not the fastest fish in the skool. Nor have I swum further than a mile and a half (2.5k) so I can assure you the prospect of four miles (7k) and in the salty, choppy sea is quite a challenge! Best train 'ard! Think of the festival, think of Bestival.... and the hot rum skanking!

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