Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Swimmer Profiles: Sadie Crapper

Born under the sign of Pisces as Sheffield under 10 individual medley swim champion* I was oft compared to a dolphin – more recently the comparison has been with less flattering creatures of the sea (think beached whale) after too many years spent working too hard (as a barrister) and partying to excess. Fresh for 2011 gone are the afternoons of cake and evenings of debauchery (well, for a little while anyway) to be replaced by triathlons and open water swims (Ferries are for wimps!).  However, all that has gone before has been mere child’s play in the face of the once in a lifetime opportunity to combine my two loves: open water swimming (the Solent) and epic fun (Bestival)...and I absolutely cannot wait.

I’ve chosen to swim for Action Aid which is a charity close to my heart as they do fantastic work with projects all around the world which make a direct impact on the communities and families they are able to help.  The charity is fully behind the event and have helped me to set up my fundraising page is:  

Sadie C (31 from London)

* it doesn’t get much bigger than that.

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